Rob N Roll (2024) [Chinese]

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Decadent middle-aged brother, Murong Hui plan to rob but accidentally by the violent bandits Mei Blue sky trouble, three temporary team, huge money to see, but by others first, at the same time female detective Jiang sister will also lock three people, a time bandits each have a plan, in “I rob, you rob me” under the Jianghu rules, a bag of money caused continuous accidental events.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Rating: 6.1/10 from 408 users
Director: Albert Kai-Kwong Mak

Starring: Aaron Kwok, Richie Jen, Ka-Tung Lam

Release Date: January 19, 2024 (China)
Video: MKV
Audio: Chinese
Runtime: 1 hr. 38 min.
Subtitles: English [Hardcoded]

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